Our homes are not just four walls and a roof

Professional onsite services

From relapse prevention, to on site key workers, every resident has a program tailored to suit their recovery needs.

Health & wellbeing at the forefront of all we do

By placing these values first and foremost, we ensure our clients journey through recovery is as easy as possible.

Skills for life

An education programme is developed around each individual, our aim is to ensure residents can help themselves confidently, and if they can't they know where to go for help.

Lifelong support

But our residents don't stop being a part of our community once they leave us, we foster a family culture, creating communities and natural support networks.


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Rebuilding lives and communities


 We know and understand that it's not just about providing a roof over our client’s heads that will achieve the best possible outcomes, that's why we engage our residents in a full holistic programme.  

Below is just a small example of the support we provided to residents - developing personal resilience and the capacity to self-help is one of our core principles.

Reintegration into the community

Help with passport, driving license & identification applications

Opening bank accounts, financial management assistance and signposting when appropriate for financial support.

Signposting to relevant local specialist support groups, particularly with relevance to the clients individual needs or treatment plan   

Individual action plans drawn up for each resident, encompassing our holistic approach, with a program developed around not just their individual needs but preferences too.

Each resident is allocated a key worker, enabling a direct point of contact at any time for any reason.

Introduction to voluntary work and engagement to personal purposeful activity.

Counselling sessions on relationship building.

Health & Wellbeing

Affiliated gym membership

Group personal training sessions

Nutritional education and planning classes

Cookery classes and other similar domestic education

Regular substance screening and relapse prevention groups

Yoga, reiki and meditation classes

Presentation, pride and personal hygiene, including registration at doctors and dentist. 


Saving plans for when they leave and acquire their own properties.

Group help each other getting each others ready.

Introduction to education, adult and lifelong learning and gaining qualifications.

Career guidance and advice, including pathways to return to work.

Business start up incubation and mentoring from local business figures.

Interview skills and CV writing classes